Important Information



  • Buyer selects the properties they want to buy AFTER performing due diligence.

  • Buyer fills in Purchase Agreement using our template. Download Agreement Here

  • After the offer is accepted, Buyer deposit at the Title Company the NON REFUNDABLE EARNEST MONEY (minimum $3,000 per property) along with the Purchase Agreement. (If the property is occupied, we may provide a short inspection period for buyers to see inside before EMD goes non-refundable)

  • Buyer to coordinate with Escrow Officer to fund the balance and sign the closing documents on or before the agreed closing date.

  • Escrow Officer closes the transaction and buyer is the Owner of the property.


 Some Other Details… 


  • If you are going to use a Hard Money Loan, please let us know at the time of committing to the property.

  • If you are going to wire funds, ask the Escrow Officer for wiring instructions. Remember: In may cases, you can close as soon as the title work is prepared.


We will not accept Letters of Intent. Any talk of offers or purchases are not valid until we or the Escrow Officer have valid earnest money. Until we have a fully executed Purchase Agreement AND the Non-refundable Earnest Money, the property is still considered Available for another party to purchase.



Contact us for availability and access codes, most Vacant properties have numeric lockboxes on site. Please DO NOT disturb residents at Occupied properties. For these, drive by first, and let us know if you are interested to schedule an appointment.


If we show the property as "Occupied", and you stop and engage residents, or shout from your car, etc., you will 'Forfeit' your right to purchase this and future properties from us. Tenants have rights, and we must all respect them.




Please download our Purchase Agreement below. Properties require $3,000 dollars non-refundable earnest money to open escrow, unless otherwise noted.




All properties are sold “AS IS”. Buyer pays all closing costs & HOA transfer-type fees. Please contact the person who referred you to this site for any questions you may have.





Information deemed reliable but Buyer to confirm all information and do its due diligence. Any and all properties are for sale in “AS IS” condition. The Buyer will accept the property to purchase in “AS IS” condition at the time of sale or closing. Seller offers the Buyer no representations, warranties or guarantees whatsoever express or implied, regarding the property’s nature, value, source, authenticity, fitness, merchantability, and/or any other aspect or characteristic of the property. No statement anywhere, whether express or implied, shall be deemed a warranty or representation by Seller regarding the property being purchased. Buyer will have to acknowledge and verify in writing that Buyer has carried out the necessary due diligence to purchase the property. All sales will be final.


WE ARE NOT Real Estate Agents or Brokers, nor are we your Financial or Tax Advisors. We and/or our Heir(s), Successor(s), Administrator(s), Associate(s), Joint Venturer(s) and/or Assignee(s), may own, or not, any and all of the properties that are offered here. For some of these properties, we have an equitable interest in the property, and in such cases we are offering to sell such interest so that the Buyer can acquire the property.

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